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My name is Matthias M. Oberholzer. I currently live in Schleedorf, a small village in Austria, not to be confused with Australia. I visited the department of electronics and technical informatics at the higher technical education institute of Salzburg, where I graduated in 2019. Midway thru my third school year, I started to develop a passion for drawing & designing things. Later on for photography too. This all happened while I taught myself how to program in javascript. And of course all the other important stuff of web development. Now I'm studying Multimedia Technology - Web at the University of Applied Sciences Salzburg. Some of my projects are already listed on the homepage. Also, I’m a huge fan of rock music like The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin & many more. This is kinda cliche for a programmer but I love coffee. In every variation. Although, you know coffee is really good if you like to drink it black.

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